Septic Tanks

Basics of septic system for homes:

A septic system has a simple design. It is an underground watertight container (mostly rectangular or round) made of fiberglass, plastic or concrete.

The tank is has two pipes (inlet and outlet). The inlet pipe collects the water waste in the septic tank, long enough that the solid and liquid waste is separated from each other. The outlet pipe moves out the prepossessed wastewater from the septic tank and spreads it evenly in the soil and watercourses.

septic tank explained and how it works Galway

After some time, the waste water separates in 3 layers. The top layer is oils and grease and floats above all the waste. This is called scum. The middle layer is the wastewater along with waste particles. The bottom layer consists of heavier particles that are heavier than water and form a layer of sludge.

Inside the tank bacteria from the wastewater breaks down the solid waste. These bacteria decompose the solid waste rapidly allowing the liquids to separate and drain away more easily.

Cleaning of the Septic tank: 

If septic tank is not cleaned regularly, toxins and antibacterial substances build up killing the vital bacteria that break down the waste. Many house hold cleaners build up sludge and solid wastes in septic tank and drainfield lines. This leads to septic system failure, by failure mean that solid waste blocks the system and flows into their watercourse or the access grating.

Failure in septic system is not only expensive affair but also invitation to waterborne diseases, also smells awful!

Depending on severity and the damage to entire septic system, is important for people to understand how important septic tank cleaning is.

This is what we suggest you to do:

Your septic tanks cleaning majorly depends on people living in house hold and is usage. The cleaning process can vary for every house hold. We suggest cleaning these septic tank once a year.

  1. We will start by emptying the tank and removing all the solid waste that has been collected. The
    waste is collected in a gully sucker (commonly called gully emptier) which is a tank truck with
    suction gear. This pump sucks wastewater and sludge from the septic tank into the tank on the
    lorry. However, if the septic tank has not been cleared for years, there are greater chances that
    the drain field is clogged.  SOS Liquid Waste makes sure that the heavy sludge is removed
    making space for proper drainage.
  2. Keeping surrounding clean is the job of every individual. Moreover, when you own a septic tank,
    it also becomes your legal duty to maintain it for its proper functioning. The major reason that
    we stress on cleaning the system in a year is — you start to notice the smell if you leave the
    septic tank unattended for years.
cleaning of septic tank in Galway

In addition to it, you cannot escape from septic tank cleaning as sludge becomes problem for your property. Also, if you late in hiring the professionals, your septic tank will stop functioning, this cost lot more to rectify if inlet and outlets have cleaned as well.

Recycling: Good for Economy, Good for Environment.

Since of wastes collected from septic tank is organic, sending it away in landfill is completely prohibited. However, that heavy sludge can be sent to landfill by removing the liquid waste (this done only when the company has permit to do so).

This sludge can also converted into fertilizers for agricultural use process of anaerobic digestion. The most common treatment of sludges, is creates biogas and energy such as electricity.

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